Unregulated Bridging Loans

An average UK individual does not have appropriate knowledge regarding how loans work. Whilst this is a common concern, we at Bridging Funding are here to ease out all your loan-related concerns. Our team of professionals handle your concern with care. We also offer low-interest rates, and bespoke solutions with flexible lending terms. Our financial expertise is still unmatched, and you can close your eyes and trust us whilst querying about bridging loans. Unregulated bridging loans normally provide you with short term facilities of finance. Your property will be used as security.

Uses of Unregulated Bridging Loans

We lend funds to borrowers for the purchase of commercial and semi-commercial properties, developmental land or farmland and flats or residential houses. The following situations are perfect for applying for bridging loans:

  1. Property Development – Since this loan is a quick source for getting the capital and you do not need to wait until the project is completed, it is perfect for property development.
  2. Auction Purchases – An auction gives you maximum 30 days to complete your purchase. Since you cannot go for securing a mortgage in such little time, your work will be done with unregulated bridging loans from your trusted lender.
  3. Leasehold Extensions – The expense of a property’s lease increases during its expiration, and a bridging loan helps you to get a new lease.

We will help you know more about bridging loans. Give us a call on 0207 101 93490207 993 5678 to seek consultation.