Tax Liabilities

Paying taxes in time is one of the most important aspects of handling one’s finances. At Bridging Funding, we help you to have a proper and detailed idea about tax payments. We have dealt with unusual issues over the years like those of bankruptcy petitions, debt forgiveness or marital buyouts. Our years of experience makes it easy for us to handle your tax liabilities problems. This is nothing but a legal bond or a debt that you have to your creditor.

Types of Tax Liabilities

Since the liability is of short term, you have to pay the amount within a year. Bridging Funding will guide you correctly by telling you about the most common types of liabilities:

  1. Business Tax Liability – The state would demand your business to pay tax on the made profit. If your company is a separate legal entity, then a corporate tax is also added to the business tax.
  2. Sales Tax Liability – Keep an account on the sales tax after selling goods to the customers. To clear the tax liabilities, you have to remit the tax to the state or to the local government.
  3. Property Tax Liability – If you own a business of real estate, you own this to the state. However, this is not constant and the amount varies with the price of the property.

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