Short Term Finance

If you are looking for a loan for the duration of a few months or a year Bridging Funding has suitable solutions for you. Our short term finance options are ideal for individuals and businesses who require a financial helping hand. Clients can avail our convenient bridge fund options for durations ranging between a month to a year. Our flexible finance offerings are available to UK residents, non-residents and companies alike. Customers of our bridge financing plans have to pay some very low interest rates.

We also put no restrictions on how you use funding obtained from us. Our clients can also enjoy 100% funding on property prices. Our finance plans are completely customisable to meet your specific financial goals effectively. Our tailor-made loan strategies can act as the suitable boosts to enhance your circumstances. We offer up to 75 percent LTV (loan to value) for eligible customers.

Effective short term finance solutions

As a pioneering private lending bridge fund company in the UK, we carry the utmost commitment to give you the best possible financial deals available. To make things more convenient for our clients we also offer interest roll-up schemes. You can expect fast and intuitive fund application and approval processes at all times. We take residential, commercial, semi-commercial and land as security options from our clients.

We also offer a range of other short term finance options apart from bridge loans, including bankruptcy petitions, inheritance tax resolutions, marital buyouts and debt forgiveness.

Consulting with our professionals can help you get the best financing plan for your needs. Call us on 0207 101 93490207 993 5678.