The Pros and Cons of Bridging Loans

Bridging Loans are given to borrowers who have to gain short-term funds to bridge a financial gap. In most of the cases, the situation arises to be like a kind which involves purchase and sale of a particular property. Bridging Funding is a UK based company, and our motto is to give you an inclusive and warm experience. You will be astounded to know that we have convenient interest roll-up schemes and added security that makes us the best one in the market. If you talk to any of our professional, he will give you a clear picture of the pros and cons of bridging loans. With us, your application gets processed fast, and you can get the bridging loan quite fast.


  1. Quick to Arrange – If compared to other forms of loans, a bridging loan can be generated way faster. As it is unregulated, the lenders are swift in their action.
  2. Monthly Repayment – A ‘retained interest’ basis is applied on the bridging loan that adds the cost to the total loan amount. This is definitely more comfortable than an idea about ongoing cash flow.


  1. Range of Fees – Whilst judging the pros and cons of bridging loans, remember about broker fees or legal fees that are required.
  2. Unregulated Service – This is currently unregulated, and the protection of FCA is not given to the borrowers.

Come to Bridging Funding to get this short-term loan in a hassle-free way. Our customer care number 0207 101 93490207 993 5678. is open for you 24×7.