Private Lenders

UK residents and non-residents seeking a bridge loan can explore several flexible options offered by us at Bridging Funding. We are renowned among private lenders for our reliable services. If you are looking for a bridging loan to cover your short-term financial demands we can help you out.

Why we are the ideal private lender for your bridge loan needs –

  • Flexible loan terms – Our approach involves in treating the requests of prospective borrowers as unique and individual cases. We can get you the best loan deal possible, for any duration ranging from a single month to an entire year. Our service offers no-restriction on use of funds and 100% purchase price funding.
  • Cost-effective and convenient – We are a privately owned lender offering some of the most competitive interest rates, starting as low as 0.65%. Our firm accepts applications from non-residents and overseas companies as well. We can provide loans with a high LTV ratio of 75% for eligible clients.
  • Speedy approval – Once you have submitted a filled application with valid information we instantly start the process of deciding your loan eligibility. Our professionals will approach you regarding the terms and the loan can be approved within just a week.
  • Our experience – We are a premier bridge loan agency in the UK with decades of experience in helping borrowers from all backgrounds. We can find a suitable financing option regardless of your financial situation and aspirations.

Our reputation in the domain of UK private lenders keeps growing with each satisfied customer. To know more details regarding our bridging loan solutions call us on 0207 101 93490207 993 5678.