Incomplete Property Loan

Thriving on over 3 decades of experience in delivering financial and property services, Bridging Funding is the ultimate lender when it comes to securing an incomplete property loan. If you have found a property that you are hoping to purchase for a fraction of its potential value or considering investing in a property that needs major renovation, you can use bridge financing to either sell the property at a profit once the work is complete or refinance to a lower rate mortgage deal. Traditional lenders do not provide mortgage finance if a property is incomplete or in a poor condition, but we do not make such exceptions.

Acquire Bridging Finance from Us to Buy an Incomplete Property

Regardless of whether you wish to purchase a rundown property or a partly renovated property, you can turn to us to provide you with an incomplete property loan. We will arrange for the funds on your behalf thanks to our secured and exclusive funding lines. You can use the funds to renovate or complete work on the property so that it qualifies as a mortgage or you can sell it off and make a profit.

At Bridging Funding, we provide an incomplete property loan without making our clients go through red tape and such other fuss. Our entire process is hassle-free and quick. We make all the decisions internally and you can expect the money in your account within 2 days. So, contact us with your loan requirements and our team of professionals will walk you through the entire process.