FAQ for Bridging Finance

Bridging finance loans come to the aid of millions of residents and business owners across the UK. Bridging Funding offers a great number of short-term loan options to its UK and overseas clients. Take a look below at the FAQ for bridging finance for some of the most common questions regarding our services.

  • What type of loan service provider are we?

    Bridging Funding is a private lender offering bridge loans or short-term loans to our clients. These provide fast financial boosts and the approval process has minimal bureaucracy.

  • What costs do borrowers have to bear?

    Borrowers must pay an arrangement fee once the loan initiation stage is completed. Other expenses to be born include application, valuation and legal costs. Information regarding the costs will be provided by us beforehand, and payments have to made through solicitors.

  • Who should consider applying for loans?

    UK residents and businesses, non-resident and overseas businesses can apply for loans if they require a short-term financial boost.

  • How is loan eligibility ascertained?

    We can only lend to individuals and businesses who provide security such as land with valid planning permissions. Our 1st charge loans are provided to borrowers with non-owner occupied residential and commercial buildings. We check eligibility on a case-specific basis.

  • Do I have to be employed to get a loan?

    No, we are a non-status lender. Our lending decision depends on the security you can provide.

If you have any further queries regarding apart from those mentioned in the FAQ for bridging finance, we can help you out. Get in touch with us by calling 0207 101 93490207 993 5678.