Development Finance Types

If you are in the process of developing any type of property in the UK Bridging Funding has suitable bridging finance solutions for you. We offer a great number of flexible development loans for our UK and overseas clients. Availing this category of loan from us has many benefits including low interest rate, interest roll-up schemes, 100% funding of purchase price and added security. As a prospective buyer, it is of prime importance to know suitable development finance types before making the appropriate choice. Take a look at the types mentioned below.

4 Types of Development Finance

  • Residential property development – It is a suitable option for the development of residential property from the ground-up. The transformation/redevelopment of flats into houses or vice versa are also covered with this loan.
  • Commercial and semi-commercial property developments – Developers or builders constructing commercial establishments like offices, retail outlets, factory buildings, etc., should opt for this type of loan from us.
  • Self-build finance projects – If you are not a builder yourself but intend to build your own residence from scratch should choose this development loan. We ensure speedy approvals within a week.
  • Property renovation – This is one of the development finance types that are perfectly suited for those borrowers who are interested in renovating their property. It applies for properties that are being renovated for the owner, or for being sold in the market.

These are the key types of development finance options offered by us to our clients. To gain further clarity regarding the best options, get in touch with us on 0207 101 93490207 993 5678.