Commercial Finance Types

Loans depend on the needs of clients. Take a look at the different commercial finance types available to borrowers at Bridging Funding –

  1. Business loans- It has a particular term with repayments that consists of interest and principal. It is used for business investment and growth. With variable or fixed interest rates, a business loan is either secured or unsecured against assets, real estate or equipment.
  2. Commercial property loans- This loan is required to buy real estate land for funding. Generally, long term, commercial property loan has variable or fixed interest rates and repayment at interest and principal.
  3. Commercial overdraft- This loan type manages the business from fluctuating flow of cash and helps in different financial situations. It does not need regular repayments until the balance remains within the credit limit. An overdraft can be secured or unsecured by a mortgage in commercial and residential security.
  4. Cash flow finance- There are two types of this loan:
    • nvoice discounting- It is required when you work with capital funding, and useful for businesses which are experiencing good growth.
    • Trade finance- If your firm is involved in international or domestic trade, this product is best suited for you.
  5. SMSF loans- It is a loan required to finance commercial and residential properties.
  6. Equipment Finance- It is used to finance the purchase of equipment and vehicles for the purpose of business.

These are a few commercial finance types which you can avail. In case you want to have in-depth knowledge about its types and uses, get in touch with us on 0207 101 93490207 993 5678.