Commercial Finance FAQ

Bridging Funding users interested in commercial loans can find suitable information by reading this commercial finance FAQ.

1. Which commercial products can you finance?

Trade finance, asset finance, factoring, leasing, turnaround finance, bridging loans, freehold and leasehold purchasing, business finance, investment finance, venture finance and development finance are the kinds of commercial products that we finance.

2. What services do you actually provide?

Bridging Funding has years of experience in offering financial solutions to eligible borrowers. With our expertise, the process is made smooth and easy. We are funded privately and make internal decisions, hence, speeding up the disbursement of the loan.

3. What lenders do you rely on?

We have a broad network of lenders and lending institutions. Our commercial finance brokers can connect you with the lenders so that you can know the best interest rates regarding your business loan or commercial project.

4. What is the loan size?

We can offer you loans starting from £150,000 to £10,000,000 maximum.

5. Are your interest rates affordable?

The interest rates totally depend on the situation at the time you apply for a loan. However, rates start from 0.65% with adjustable financing terms.

6. Are you are a lender or a broker?

We are a lender, and we lend finance with no complicated credit cheques. You will get the opportunity to speak to a decision maker with your cases.

These are the essential commercial finance FAQs generally asked by our clients. You can call us directly on 0207 101 93490207 993 5678. or email us with your questions and queries.