Closed Bridging Loans

Bridging Funding offers closed bridging loans to clients at competitive rates. A closed bridging loan is one of the most common types of bridging finance where the exit strategy for the loan is made clear from the very outset. This means that we will know exactly how you intend to repay the loan at the end of the term. We accept different repayment strategies to consider a loan to be closed like, sale of a property or funds that you are waiting to arrive. As the risks of providing closed bridging loans are less, we might be able to offer lower interest rates.

Apply for Our Closed Bridging Loans to Get Instant Funds

Our closed bridging loans are short-term loans that have a fixed repayment date. In case you are looking to purchase a new property whilst you are in the process of selling one of your properties and you need funds instantly, a closed bridging loan is the perfect solution. We can match the repayment date with the date of the completed sale. You can speak to our team of professionals for a tailored solution.

We Provide Loans Quickly and Regardless of Status

At Bridging Funding, we get our funds from private and commercial funders, and all our decisions are taken internally. You do not have to worry about red tape or the fact that you might have poor credit. Just send us your loan application and the security against which you are seeking the loan. We will let you know our decisions, as well as, terms and conditions within one day.

If you wish to know more about closed bridging loans, contact us.