Bridging Finance to Purchase Overseas Properties

Bridging Funding specialises in raising bridging finance to purchase overseas properties. Thanks to our in-depth understanding of overseas property transactions, we deliver bespoke financial solutions with minimum to zero bureaucracy. You can quickly secure bridging finance through us against your commercial, residential, semi-commercial or any other such properties in the UK. The funds secured on your assets can be used to briskly purchase the perfect property in any of the emerging markets abroad. You can use the loan to supply the balance, deposit or even the full purchase price of the property.

We Provide Loans within 2-days

With more than 35 years’ experience in financial and property services, we are aware that time-pressure is quite common when purchasing overseas properties. This is why we provide bridging finance to purchase overseas properties within 2-days. Unlike traditional loans that might take several months, we are privately funded and have secured funding lines from both commercial and private funders. Moreover, we are in a favourable position to provide you with all the decisions and terms of the funding on the very day that you contact us.

So, if you have already made a large deposit for an overseas property and worried that you might not be able to raise the required balance to complete the purchase in time, turn to Bridging Funding. We will help arrange bridging finance to purchase overseas property on your UK property and save from getting ties into a new mortgage.

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