Bad Credit Secured Loans

It is not easy to get loans when you have a bad credit score. Not many lenders or companies are there in the market who will willingly come to your help. But if you come to us at Bridging Funding, you will not return disappointed. If you are a prospective buyer, it is our duty to tell you everything in detail to reduce any problem whilst opting for bad credit secured loans. It is mostly used as bail for financial emergencies even if the credit score is quite low. Our name is famous because we are reachable overseas; non-residential companies and borrowers can get help from us.

Pros and Cons of Bad Credit Loans


  • Low-Interest Rates – The rate that you normally pay on your credit card debt is not required here. We give you a much lower interest rate for bad credit secured loans.
  • Repayment Term Length – This will depend mainly on your lender. If he allows, then the term can stretch up to a period of even five long years.


  • Fees and Penalties – Proceed only after reading the fine print. Know what is a late fee or a loan origination fee before moving on with your bad credit score.
  • Collateral Required – It is applicable at certain times when you might have to put your car or house at stake. Fail to make the payment on time and lose your asset to the lender.

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