Avoid Repossession Loans

Bridging Funding is one of the leading bridging loan providers in the UK who can help you repay mortgage arrears. In the event that you have failed to make the agreed payments on a loan secured on a property or on a mortgage and the registered charge owner is demanding possession of your property, our avoid repossession loans is your best solution. If you have enough equity within your property, our team will revert in 60-minutes.

Take Out Our Loans and Avoid Repossession of Your Property

Re-mortgages are not an option if you have poor credit. Even secured loans have stringent requirements. When neither a secured loan or a re-mortgage is available to you, turn to Bridging Funding. Our avoid repossession loans can be secured easily and quickly. We base our lending decisions on the merit of the security and if there is any equity within your property, we will disburse the funding with 48-hours.

Our flexible lending solutions ensure that you have enough funds to stop an imminent repossession. Furthermore, taking out our loan will give the time required to sell your property in an organised manner, instead of accepting a low offer from the lender.

At Bridging Funding, we can personalise our avoid repossession loans as per your specific needs. By choosing us, you can be sure that our entire team of professionals with over 35 years’ experience will do their utmost to help you stop the repossession of your property. For more information, do not hesitate to reach out to us.