Auction finance loans are extremely versatile and are considered as good options for purchasing semi-commercial, residential and commercial properties, or land. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor or homeowner, you can apply for auction funding.

Once you are successful with your bid, everything moves pretty fast. You have to deposit 10% of the bidding amount and will get twenty-eight days to deposit the full amount. However, depositing the total sum in a month puts a lot of strain on the buyers. This is where the bridging finance comes into use, helping to secure the gap.

Reliable Auction Finance Services Provider

At Bridging Funding, auction finance loans are designed for flexibility and speed by securing residential, commercial, semi-commercial properties and land. Our loans can be arranged within a few days once you have submitted required documents and they are approved. Once you fill the application form, you are going to receive a call from one of our representatives.

We take pride in delivering ideal financial solutions to our clients based in the UK and abroad. Our specialists possess in-depth knowledge regarding bridging loans and how useful they can be for auctions. You should never settle for an arrangement without knowing what you are applying for and the costs that are involved.

Interested to apply for bridging finance to buy a property in an auction? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will speak to you directly and answer all your queries. Reach us at 0207 101 9349 – 0207 993 5678 from Monday to Friday. Our decision makers will help you to make an instant decision.