Alternative Finance Products for Property Purchase

Purchasing a property in the UK is a considerable financial undertaking for any business or individual. Whilst many individuals are still relying on the very traditional mortgage methods, it is simply due to the unawareness regarding alternative finance products for property purchase. At Bridging Funding, we offer various suitable bridge loan options to UK and overseas borrowers. Our short-term finance plans can be tailored to meet your requirements and facilitate hassle-free property dealings. If you can offer commercial, residential and semi-commercial property or land as security, we can get you started with a fast and easy loan.

Why you should try bridging finance for purchasing property in the UK?

Bridge loan is an umbrella term for various types of short-term finance options that offer borrowers a large extent of freedom as compared to more traditional ones. The advantages of alternatives like bridging loans offered by us include –

  • Short duration – Borrowers can take a loan from any duration ranging from a single month to a year.
  • Interest payments – Interest rates are quite low and roll-up schemes are available for payment.
  • Less hassle – No credit score or proof of income requirements are enforced for the loan process.
  • Convenient funds – No-restriction funding is available and 100% of the purchase price can be funded
  • Speedy loan approval – Our alternative finance products for property purchase can be approved within 5-7 days.

These are just some of the most prominent benefits of opting for bridging loans and similar alternatives. If you require information regarding the most appropriate options, give us a call on 0207 101 93490207 993 5678