Bridging Funding

A privately funded and bespoke bridging lender. We make our decisions internally – this means your loans can be delivered to you in a matter of days.


Decades of experience in delivering financial bespoke solutions

We do not gloss over any details and choose to work very closely with our clients before agreeing on the best way forward. It is essential that we tailor our packages to fit around your circumstances since each case is different.

The process is calm and easy with our experts on hand to guide you through. Bridging Funding is privately funded.


We offer great finance options

We love working with flexibility and doing away with bureaucracy to give you exactly what you are looking for without any fuss.


When you need a short-term loan, you need it to be fast, flexible and stress free. As a privatly funded principle lender, we can get your short-term loan completed in a matter of days.


We give each loan application our undivided attention. We listen to the specific requirements, and find a solution to fit each project. Providing an excellent service is at the heart of our business.


We are a lender that you can rely on and trust. We believe in utmost transparency. There are no hidden payments and charges, and we will provide you with all the pricing information at the outset.

Unusual lending scenarios

Bridging for creditor settlements
Secured loans for business use
Bankruptcy petitions
Marital buyouts
Debt forgiveness
Inheritance tax resolution

Openness is at the core of our company

This means we won’t make promises we can’t keep and if it can be done, it will be done with swiftness. Transparency is extremely important in our industry and we are proud to be the flag bearers of it.

The kind of customer service you will experience with us is second to none. We strip away the clinical cold nature of finance and help you feel comfortable with a warm, inclusive experience.

Proud to share a few words

quote Very responsive communication at all stages of the lending process. Their bridging loan process has been the best I have experienced to date. Bridging Funding are always a pleasure to work with.

Matt Watson, Company Partner